Jr. Division - 1st Place - Zoe Sizemore (State Fair Qualifier, Outstanding Junior
Shooting Sports Project Plaque)
2nd Place - Brandon Weimer
3rd Place - Bryce Kozell

Sr. Division - 1st Place - Nolan Miller
2nd Place - Nathaniel Miller


Jr. Division - 1st Place - Isaac Machar (State Fair Qualifier)
2nd Place - Jonna Jaroska
3rd Place - Macey Davis

Sr. Division - 1st Place - Jay Mikalacki (State Fair Qualifier)
2nd Place - Katie Zackery
3rd Place - Samantha Sampson


Jr. Division - 1st Place - Tyler Tivenan (State Fair Qualifier)
2nd Place - Julia Syme
3rd Place - Shane Marshall

Sr. Division - 1st Place - Jeff Sampson (State Fair Qualifier)
2nd Place - Tom Szerpicki


Jr. Division - 1st Place - Antonio Remedios (State Fair Qualifier)
2nd Place - Xavier Remedios
3rd Place - Allison Neubauer

Sr. Division - 1st Place - Jessica Syme (State Fair Qualifier, Outstanding Senior Shooting Sports Project Plaque)


Jr. Division - Lydia Smith (State Fair Qualifier)







Please arrive for your shift 15 minutes early, and wear your club t-shirt!
Enter off the Rt. 42 side of the Fairgrounds.

BEAMHIT RANGE - Wednesday, August 1st, 6-9 p.m., Bldg. #10

Members:  Lydia Smith, Jeff Sampson, Antonio Remedios, Sydney Lewis

Adults:  Les Valach, Kathy Smith, Pattie Lewis

BUILDING GUIDE DUTY - Thursday, August 2nd, Meet in Bldg. #10

4-6 p.m. Shift/Members:  Alana & Jonna Jaroska, Joseph Nawalaniec, Caleb &
        Christopher Weimer, Jay Mikalacki

        Adults:  Mike Wilson, Sue Jaroska, Bill Nawalaniec

6-8 p.m. Shift/Members:  Bryce Kozell, Beth Foose, Alex Kutz, Renee Weil, Katie
        Zackery, Joshua Zackery

        Adults:  Maureen Kutz, Denise Kozell, Kim Zackery

BEAMHIT RANGE - Saturday, August 4th, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Bldg. #10

Members:  Jeff Sampson, Brandon Weimer, Caleb Weimer, Jay Mikalacki, Richard Laurence

Adults:  Les Valach, Tom Weimer, Jeff Mikalacki

(The afternoon session of the Beamhit is cancelled due to lack of volunteers)


BOOTH TEARDOWN - Monday, August 6th, Noon-2ish, Bldg. #12

Members:  Tyler Tivenan, Alex Kutz, Richard Laurence

Adults:  Kathy Smith









PASSES:   If you haven't picked up your pass yet, you will need to park in the Fair lot off W. Smith Rd., go through the gate there and purchase a 1/2 hour pass.  Walk through the north end of the fair-  grounds (rides and carnival games mostly) to the window at the back of the Fair office, which is on    W. Smith Rd. and ask for your pass.  HANG ON TO only get one!

PREMIUM MONEY FOR “A” GRADES ON PROJECTS:     If you didn't get THAT yet, you'll need to pick it up at the back of the Fair office building on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (August 2, 3, 4, & 5) from 5-8 p.m.  If you don't pick it up by Sunday, it will go “poof”!  (Buy Mom and Dad a milkshake for helping you all year!)

PROJECT PICKUP:  You can pick your posters and displays up at the Fairgrounds in Building 4 on Monday, August 6th, between 12 & 6 p.m.  Any projects NOT picked up will be taken to SCSA and held for two months, and then discarded.